“I’ve always had a global outlook. Working with the most wonderful artisans from all over the world is completely natural for me” Christian Louboutin

Caesar Donna proudly announces the arrival of the MEXICABA. Christian Louboutin has collaborated on the MEXICABA with Taller Maya – part of Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya – which has an established track re- cord of helping those in the Yucatan Peninsula preserve their unique craft skills. Taller Maya’s mission is to pre- serve authentic craftsmanship at a time when culture is being diluted. This ensures the long-term

These artisans, predominantly but not exclusively women, gather in small groups in far-flung villages or in larger collectives. Some have inherited tra- ditional skills, others are learning the skills of their grandmothers, their great grandmothers for the very first time. Taller Maya offers purpose-built, safe and friendly workshops where arti- sans can gather – not just to work but also to forge a sense of community. The working day is arranged around the demands of motherhood and family life.
Connecting folk art skills, mainly cross stitch embroidery and weaving, craf- ting at Taller Maya gives natives an opportunity to provide for themsel- ves. This employment also allows locals to preserve their cultural heri- tage through artisanship.
Every MEXICABA sold will benefit Taller Maya and Mexican artisans directly, with ten percent of profits from sales in Christian Louboutin boutiques donated directly to the Foundation. Taller Maya artisans were also paid equitably for their work on its creation.


The MEXICABA features panels of eye-popping handwoven cotton, vivid Mayan embroidery, bone beads fashioned from the horns of bull cattle and wooden beads painted with mythical wild beast motifs. Not just an objet d’art, the MEXICABA has a direct and positive social impact on the gifted artisans who helped bring it to life.